November 13, 2010 Titania. Posted In: Beauty, Fine Art Nudes, Glamour, Portraits

this post contains nudity.

So I thought I had a brilliant idea.  I really wanted to make and shoot a pumpkin helmet theme that would be badass and why not choose the amazing Titania for this concept?  I still think the idea was brilliant, but my execution could have used some work – I’ll have to see what I can do for next Halloween 🙂

Because I was a little unsure about the pumpkin concept, I did a mini-boudoir shoot before we began applying the crazy makeup+pumpkin helmet.  Love Salsa for her work, always a pleasure!

A bit about lighting: I tried something different this time(and wish I would have documented it).  The room/lingerie shots I placed an off camera 580ii (flash) on top of the bookshelf triggered by Radio Poppers and adjusted until there was a balance between ambient and flash.  White balance was set to Flash and I switched a fews time to AWB, but as you can see most I converted to B&W so it doesnt matter than much.  As far as the crazy pumpkin idea, it was a single Beauty dish with two highlights behind her – all Alien Bees.

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