July 16, 2010 3.6 really? Posted In: House, Nature, Personal, Random

This morning at 5:04a, Kristiaan grabs my arm and screams “wtf is that!?” I groggily answered, “a helicopter.” At least to me, it was the sound of a helicopter from the opening scene of part one… You know that DEEP bass sound that resonates through everything? Like resonates enough to shake us in our bed…

So I totally knew it was an earthquake but common sense said no friggin way!. So I went back to sleep while Kristiaan checked every window in the house to see if she could see anything outside – now that I think about it, the sound could have been a tank, or two, rolling down are street.

A few minutes later, aftershock “there it is again!” she exclaimed – I thought the helicopter was just passing by again.

No really, I’m not joking, its on the internet so it must be true.

p.s. Cant post without a pic so… nothing more appropriate than snow in July.


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