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Since I’ve posted.  I told myself I would post once a week.  Well now its been over a week, 3 weddings later and a little over 10,000 photos taken – sheesh, what am I thinking?  Lets see, so whats new? I’ve gotten rid of the Jetta – good riddance – acquired a 2011 Kia Sorento, pretty sweet ride.  What will I miss about the Jetta? Sporty, fun ride; adjustable heated seats and being able to open/close my windows + sunroof from outside of the car.  Other than that – good riddance.

Kristiaan and I finally put some photos on our wall, she purchased some prints for my birthday from our Esession with Davina and Daniel.  They so rock!  But thats a touchy subject because we lost our wedding location (looong story) and we havent found anything new yet.  Oh and another b’day present Kristiaan got me was friggin hot air balloon ride!!! Seriously, who thinks of things that awesome?! 🙂

So now for a bunch of random pics, because random pics rock my sock(s).

[slidepress gallery=’randomjuly’]


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