April 10, 2015 Delaina Posted In: Beauty, Fashion, Portraits

Delaina was just so much fun to photograph. She had amazing energy, fearless, positive, full of laughs and crazy faces – the behind the scenes may be the best of all time! At the same time she could easily turn on the intensity and pierce the camera with her eyes, loved it!

I spent quite some time experimenting with my new Godox V860n‘s combined with Photek Softlighter as well as my Alien Bee strobes with beauty dish.

delaina_0125 delaina_0201-2 delaina_0203 delaina_0269
Natural Lightdelaina_0281-2Natural Light delaina_0300Natural Light delaina_0330Natural Light delaina_0367Natural Light delaina_0386Natural Light
delaina_0447Natural Light
delaina_0583 delaina_0602 delaina_0642
Natural Light
Natural Light delaina_0728