January 9, 2011 Kori. Posted In: Beauty, Fashion, Glamour, Portraits

Cant wait to get this entire set posted.  What an awesome experience it was to work with Kori!

More awesomeness to ensue after the break…

EDIT: So where to begun? First I’ve been away for too long. From having our house broken into, to getting a new puppy to dealing with the daily grind I’ve totally been neglecting the fun side of photography.  With that said let me recall my amazing day with Kori…

Kori, a high energy, highly motivated, sharp, determined, hungry model working her way well into the business.  The goal of the day was fashion with some personality.  I think we did it, in fact we might have over-done it.  In a 4 hour period we shot a weddings worth of images of Kori and that was only 4 outfits!  We started out on the glam-couch and I immediately knew this shoot was going to be a success.  For someone who has only been modeling a few months she was easily able to change her expression, mood and visually emote whatever we were discussing – very impressive!

We hung out in the basement for sometime, then took a break for lunch where I embarrassingly left my wallet at home. I should make it a point to note that I paid her back :).  Even at lunch she didnt cease to intrigue me.  I learned about Macrobiotic diets and if I wasnt such a carnivore, I’d be all over it.

Next stop was the mini-mansion.  Nestled only a few miles away and provided by my awesome neighbor, this stunning house lended itself nicely to the theme we were after.  Of course when I shoot I always prefer (love) natural light and was expecting a nice sunny day.  But instead we were given a gloomy cloudy looks-like-its-going-snow day which forced me to push my ISO all day long. Thats why I <3 my Mark II so much.  You would never guess it but the last few images (stockings + burgundy bed) were shot after sunset at ISO 3200… yeah seriously ISO 3200 with a model was a first for me.

The set of images below are a combined pick of myself and Kori’s favorites. I cant wait for another round with her, but I’m going to have to do it soon because shes leaving NY in a few months.

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A bit about lighting:
As usual, all natural.  Window light from a gloomy cloudy day, bouncing off of white floors and grey walls.