May 31, 2010 More Backyard antics Posted In: Animals, House, Personal

So its Memorial Day weekend.

Friday = G&J+D&S over for salad bar + ‘Legion’.  One of the worst movies we’ve seen as a collective.

Saturday.  I woke up pretty early to our two resident deer, just hanging out in our back yard.  Spent the first few hours shooting Anya at home then we headed out to the Baltimore Harbor for an Esession with Stacey & Joe.  Rushed home to meet these guys Kristiaan hired to move an illegal treadmill to our house.  Illegal because I was against it.  Then I rushed out to Hooters to meet Billy for the Evans vs. Rampage fight, not a bad fight at all.

Sunday. I started out the morning in the yard and first thing I noticed was a dead bird on our deck.   Apparently it was one of the birds living in the light above the door.  After I told Kristiaan about it she mentioned that last night, one of them was sitting on the window sill pecking at the glass… kinda sad.  The next few hours consisted of removing bamboo roots and picking up about 5 lbs of deer poop – I need to keep reminding myself how much I love my yard.

Hung out at my parents house for a mini picnic, trip to Costco then back home for relaxation.  Oh and we watched the last crapisode of Lost… and I’m still lost. I feel let down.

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