February 2, 2015 Natalie Posted In: Beauty, Fashion

I photographed Natalie during my trip to Richmond and was blown away by the intensity and beauty in her face. And it doesnt hurt that she’s got a wonderful personality as well. It was fun and easy as we just went with the flow trying out different ideas and outfits. Below is just a tiny sample of many amazing images taken during our session.

Bonus points to Natalie for rocking the jacket from Drive! If you didnt see Drive go see it, if you dont like it, dont talk to me!

natalieaa_0011 natalieaa_0038 natalieaa_0105 natalieaa_0133 natalieaa_0180-Edit natalieaa_0184 natalieaa_0230 natalieaa_0298 natalieaa_0341 natalieaa_0488


natalieaa_0663 natalieaa_0686 natalieaa_0725 natalieaa_0824 natalieaa_0874 natalieaa_0894 natalieaa_0958 natalieaa_0966 natalieaa_0988 natalieaa_1008 natalieaa_1027