August 12, 2010 Nick – 2 years later Posted In: Fashion, Portraits

Nick is actually the first male model I ever photographed back in Spring of  ’08.  You’ll actually see his face in my Faces gallery a few times.  Shooting Nick up close always produces great images thanks to his really strong features and piercing eyes.  While this is not a comparison to the compliment, I’ve heard a few people say that he somewhat resembles 50 Cent (teal hoodie photos) – I’ll leave that open to discussion 🙂

We spent about 2 hours in 95 degree heat looking for and shooting ‘urban’ scenes in the Wheaton/Kensington area.  First stop was the mall where we got some really great shots, however as we were getting even better shots mall security nicely told us we were not allowed to take pictures – I hate these stupid anti-photography ‘laws’.

Next was a random alley way in Kensington and a quick trip over to the train station – gotta love dumpsters as a back drop!

Always nice to re-unite after some time.

A bit about lighting: For the majority of the shoot I used my trusty reflector to either balance light on Nick or to highlight him from various angles.  I really love natural light so I spend a lot of time looking where the light is hitting or where we can be in a shady area that has good exposure to soft light.

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