August 6, 2010 Old school videos… Posted In: Personal, Post, post, Random

This evening I spent about 2 hours raiding my archive cd cases from pre-2005.  It amazes me the things I used to ‘backup.’  I was actually in search of a particular image of an old roommate of mine, nothing I’ll post on here. One, because its super embarrassing both in terms of my crappy photoshop – actually I think I may have done this in PAINT; Two because of what I did to him in the photo… Lets just say he was in an uncompromising position and I ‘pasted’ someone in the picture to make it even more uncompromising – ah the immaturities of being young.

But I digress.  I found an old video of me braving a climbing wall at Kings Dominion from 2001 (April 14th).

Then I found my old skydiving video! (4/24/2005)
5 minute video, free fall occurs between 2:15-3:00.  Please excuse my adrenaline rush screaming and head bobbing 🙂