August 10, 2010 Stockings n Heels – 2 Posted In: Fine Art Nudes, Glamour, Portraits

This post contains implied nudity

Don’t let the feature image fool you, this shoot was really about stockings and heels!  This was round two of my little themed shoot. First round was with Katlyn seen here and some on my 18+ gallery.

This time of course with Anya, who at this point no longer needs an introduction. We shot at the home studio for a few hours, got some good laughs in and some cool, sexy and crazy images – crazy referring to the creepy (in a successful way) white stockings+gun+black makeup look.  I still remember both of our reactions when looking at the previews on the back of the camera, it felt like we entered another world.

Definitely pleased with what we captured.  I’m still trying to find a particular style, or look, or idea, or something that will really make my work unique and appealing.  Maybe once we build our dream studio in our oversized back yard it’ll open up a can of more creative juices 🙂

A bit about lighting: All natural, no reflector.  One of the reasons I love shooting out of my living room. Walls and ceilings are white, ceiling to floor windows and at the right time of the day, nothing but perfect light.  Some of the couch shots did have a 9′ white backdrop behind, but still all natural light.   Most of these images are in B&W but one of the drawbacks I noticed while in color was the green tint from all the greenery outside, especially that effing holly right against the front window.  I was especially pleased when we discovered the between-the-window-and-curtain look; the light was almost magical and made her catch lights, which I’m always obsessed with, look amazing.


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