May 24, 2010 Wet, but awesome weekend! Posted In: House, Personal

Friday night was pretty awesome.  I broke out the grill for the first time this year.  Kristiaan brought home a nice selection of pre-cut chicken & veggie kabobs from Safeway which I prepared two different ways. One was a dry rub with a poultry seasoning, greek seasoning and ground pepper; the other was a simple Teriyaki + lemon juice + honey marinade – allow both to chill for about 30 mins.  What was the occasion you ask? Myeshi & Kelvin were coming over for dinner and I have to say they brought over and AMAZING red velvet cheesecake! I should also mention a big congrats to them as Myeshi is 15 weeks pregnant!

Saturday began early for me, wielding a chainsaw at 7:30am (sorry neighbors) and hauling all the cut debris with my dad to the dump.  Kristiaan and I then spent the next few hours testing out lighting setup for our Sunday shoot with Robert and Nicole before heading out to DC for Ben and Erin’s engagement session.   Talk about fun in the rain!  We started around the WWI memorial, then skipped across the mall to the WWII Memorial, Constitution Garden Pond, Lincoln Memorial and finally completed our evening at Union Station and Capital City Grill.  What a day!

Sunday didnt start of on such a great note, as Kristiaan woke me up with “The basement is flooded.”  Damn! I cursed myself.  That same night I woke up around 4am (ear plugs in) because the rain was so intense.  I thought to myself, from experience at my parents house, I should check the basement to make sure the back drain isn’t clogged.  Fail.  I was too tired to drag myself out of bed and go check.  Lesson learned.  We spent 2 hours that morning moving items around and finding new pools of water around the basement.  Thank goodness for the wet/dry vac I had, otherwise this could have been MUCH worse.  This whole fiasco, put us about an hour behind on awesome themed shoot with Robert and Nicole, but it definitely did NOT stop the awesomeness! Video games, high heels, bikini, pasta & chicken with Prosecco – what more do you need?

(this image: a photo of the clogged drain that assisted in flooding our basement)

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